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About Us
GeoApex Technology Inc., located in Houston, USA, is a recognized leader in the seismic imaging industry, providing the best seismic images for oil and gas companies worldwide. By using the seismic images provided by GeoApex Technology Inc., oil and gas companies can significantly reduce the risk and cost of finding and producing oil and gas.
GeoApex's services and business combine trust with high technology to provide its clients with the best results and satisfaction.

When seismic data fails to meet the imaging objectives of oil and gas companies,GeoApex's proprietary technologies (software systems) can offer the integrated seismic imaging solution for oil and gas companies. This solution includes:

, Survey design and seismic acquisition technology
GeoApex offers the subsurface illumination based survey design with the most experienced acquisition team and equipments. This technique designs the acquisition geometry based on the idea that all of the target area is fully illuminated. Unlike the conventional survey design that tries to create even fold coverage on the surface without taking care of the subsurface coverage, this new survey design takes into consideration the subsurface coverage in the target area, which is very important when subsurface structure is complex.

GeoApex has been one of the leading providers for seismic data acquisition on land, across shallow-water transition zones(TZ) and swamp area worldwide. Our proprietary integrated acquisition and seismic data processing techniques provide a full range of imaging services, from cost-effective exploration through to the highest possible quality reservoir characterization and 4D production monitoring studies. In addition, GeoApex offers multi-component seismic data acquisition services. GeoApex land crews, driven by active use of our Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) management system always operate to the highest standards.

GeoApex's advanced technology has delivered a revolution in land seismic acquisition, processing, and imaging. It's a fully integrated acquisition and processing seismic system.

, Advanced pre-processing technology
GeoApex offers advanced pre-processing techniques including high-resolution tomographic static correction, signal-preserved noise attenuation, data conditioning, etc. Regarding the high resolution tomographic static correction, GeoApex provides two algorithms including high resolution tomographic static correction that is based on the first break information and wave equation tomographic static correction that uses windowed data of shallow reflections as input to give a much higher resolution of the near surface velocity model and more accurate statics. Regarding the signal-preserved noise attenuation, GeoApex offers several algorithms including signal reconstruction based high amplitude incoherent noise attenuation, phase transform and pattern-based adaptive ground-roll attenuation, extra-high resolution adaptive multiple attenuation, SRME multiple attenuation, etc.

, Advanced imaging technology
GeoApex offers amplitude preserved wave equation prestack time migration, true amplitude turning wave Kirchhoff prestack depth migration, anisotropic Kirchhoff prestack depth migration, true amplitude wave equation prestack depth migration, true amplitude anisotropic wave equation prestack depth migration, reverse-time wave equation prestack depth migration, etc. These techniques can greatly improve seismic images.

, Advanced velocity model building technology
GeoApex offers high-resolution grid-based velocity tomography (narrow azimuth and multi-azimuth algorithms), wave equation velocity scanning, and anisotropic parameter tomography to build accurate velocity model for prestack depth migration and pore pressure estimation.

, Advanced interpretation technology
Robust seismic interpretation forms the basis for nearly all of the analysis that leads to the discovery of new reserves. GeoApex offers advanced techniques to improve the seismic interpretation, and its experienced interpretation experts who have worked a wide range of basins around the world, can deliver interpretation solutions in the most complex geologic settings. When integrated with GeoApex's proprietary capabilities in petrophysical analysis and seismic analysis, GeoApex provides a high-end integrated product that can meet the most challenging needs.

, Advanced reservoir characterization technology
GeoApex offers some advanced techniques including attribute estimation, pore pressure estimation, fracture density prediction, AVO/AVA analysis, etc.

, R&D commitment
GeoApex's R&D team is committed to providing advanced techniques and software products to its clients around the world. The R&D team also performs customized R&D for its clients.

By using the proprietary and advanced technologies, GeoApex Technology Inc. has provided the oil and gas companies worldwide with the most satisfactory results. These results have considerably helped to reduce the cost and risk in finding oil and gas.

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