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Survey design and seismic acquisition technology
Advanced pre-processing technology
Advanced imaging technology
Advanced interpretation technology
Advanced reservoir characterization Technology
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Software products (GeoApex's proprietary software systems):

1. Target illumination-based survey design (GTDesigner)

2. Complex structural imaging system including prestack time and depth imaging (Kirchhoff/wave equation, reverse-time wave equation, isotropic/anisotropic, amplitude preserved) (GTSaga)

3. High resolution tomographic velocity model building system (VeriVel)

4. Near-surface velocity tomographic static correction including first-break traveltime tomographic inversion and full waveform inversion, 2D/3D mapping and multi-QC functions(GTTitan)

5. Noise attenuation system including coherent/incoherent noise attenuation, such as ground-roll attenuation, multiple attenuation (land/marine, SRME), etc. All the algorithms used are signal-preserved, which is crucial for reservoir characterization, attribute analysis, AVO/AVA analysis, etc. (GTRecover)

6. GeoApex Seismic Operation System (GTSYS)

7. Pore pressure and fracture density/direction prediction and AVO/AVA analysis system (GTDiscover)


By using these unique systems, GeoApex Technology Inc. has provided the oil and gas companies worldwide with the best solutions.


Computer hardware and petroleum equipment products:

1. GeoApex's PC cluster solutions
2. High-strength aluminum alloy drill pipes
3. Drilling systems and equipment solutions
4. Oil-injected screw gas compressors
5. Pipe lines and pipe inspection equipments

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