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Seismic Data Processing
3D Surface Related Multiple Elimination£¨3D SRME£©
Multiples present a significant data processing problem. One of the best techniques for multiple elimination is true 3D Surface Related Multiple Elimination (3DSRME).This algorithm uses the input data to build a multiple model...
Phase matching transform pattern-based adaptive ground-roll attenuation
High quality data is one of the crucial requirements for accurate imaging. Ground-roll is one of the noises which considerably reduce the data quality. How to attenuate the ground-rolls...
True Amplitude Wave Equation Prestack Depth Migration
GeoApexs wave equation prestack depth migration algorithm doesnt suffer from problems typically associated with conventional wave equation implementation, such as azimuthal anisotropy, numerical dispersion, or limited...
Reverse-time Migration(RTM)
Standard wave equation based on one-way wavefield extrapolation techniques image the subsurface by downward continuing the source and receiver wavefields for each shot gathers and it...
High Resolution Pattern-based Adaptive Multiple Attenuation
Multiple attenuation is really a tough job. Conventional high multiple attenuation can not give satisfactory result when there is a small velocity difference between the multiple and the reflection, such as...
A Revolutionary Broadband Spectral Extension Technique
GeoApex Technology Inc. has developed a revolutionary broadband spectral extension technique that produces extra-high-resolution seismic data that enhances well analysis. This new proprietary ...
Prestack Depth Migration(PSDM)
GeoApex¡¯s new technology has confirmed that GeoApex is a recognized leader in advanced seismic imaging. Prestack depth imaging is critical in the areas where there are significant and rapid...
Pre-Stack Time Migration(PSTM)
When the relative simplicity of the subsurface does not warrant depth migration, pre-stack time migration (PSTM) solutions will often suffice. GeoApex has developed an amplitude-preserved Kirchhoff PSTM...
High-Resolution Tomographic Velocity Model Building and Full Waveform Inversion
Accurate velocity models are critical for prestack depth migration to generate accurate subsurface structure images. In order to build the accurate velocity models, GeoApex Technology Inc. has developed and offered two versions...
Surface Consistent Phase Correction
Near surface anomaly adversely affects the image of seismic data. Removing its effects from the seismic data is sometimes challenging, especially rough topography areas or in the near surface where...
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